Trevor’s Grandma Never Forgets – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show


How’s my grandmother doing? Oh, she’s fantastic, man. 91 years old and 10 months. Yeah, she makes me count the years and months as well now. It’s a new thing. Does she cook for me? No, she’s too old. Oh no, no, no. She even says to me – I was like, “What do you do, Gogo?” She’s like, “Oh, me?” She’s like, “I just enjoy being alive.” And then all she does is… We’re ready? Yeah, all she does is she chills at home. Like, she’s got, like, her squad of grannies, and they all just come and hang out. And she…

It’s like a weird team of, like, superheroes, where they’ve all got their specialties, and then hers is that her memory is bulletproof. So all her friends ask her about things they’ve forgotten about in life. Like, she’s got a better memory than me, my mom, everybody. She can tell you what year a thing happened, what month, everything. And so her friends come over and they’ll ask, like, random questions. They’ll be like, “Nomalizo, where did I meet my husband?” And then she’ll be like, “Oh, you met him…” and then she’ll, like, tell stories. It’s amazing to watch, yeah. All she does all day. She just loves writing. That what she does. And I asked her why, and she said, “To be 91 and know how to still read and write – oh, I’m so blessed.” So that’s all she does. Yeah.

That’s it. You’re ready? Alright, let’s do this. Let’s have fun. .

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