A Worst-Case-Scenario Job Interview – Key & Peele


Noah Sanders. Here for the job interview. Please take a seat. Mr. Weinstein will see you next. ♪ ♪ Job interviews, huh? Never fun. Okay, just… I get it. Stay focused. Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Oh. – Yeah. – Whoo-hoo! That was a big laugh. (Weinstein) Oh, no! – I did it! – No, you didn’t! – I did it. – Jeez. Is this a job interview or The Carol Burnett Show? – You know what I mean? – Oh, sir, sir, sir. – Oh, my God, that is too rich. – Oh, well. Thanks so much for coming in, Adam. Of course, and you better stay away from that Chinese food there. Oh, my God, you got that right. That’s done–it’s done a number on my stomach. – – Here’s your fortune. You’re gonna be sick in a half hour. Oh, my gosh, what an absolute delight, Adam. It’s been great, and–can I tell you something real quick? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I don’t even care if I get this job because I know I’ve made a friend for life. What a terrific attitude. What a great goddamn attitude. Yup. You son of a gun. You know what? Right quick, before you leave, I want to give you something. No, sir, I can’t take any more gifts. This whole thing has been a gift. My brother passed away. 21 years ago. Wow. We were estranged, and he became ill, and he gave this to me as a peace offering. Ohh. And then one day when we were on the ocean, he fell overboard on a boat very much like this one and died. I saw him struggling all the way as a riptide just pulled him down. That bitch ocean. Would you please accept this as a–as a token of my gratitude for you bringing joy back into my life? Under any other circumstance, I would refuse, but I will accept this gift today because I know how much it means to you.

So I will. Thank you. Ahoy, matey. Ahoy, matey. How is that funny? Bernadette. Bernadette. – Are you hearing any of this? – Oh, my God. This guy. How do you keep a straight face all day? She’s–isn’t she sweet? Sweeter than pie. Sweeter than pie. Oh, my God. God damn it, I love your fucking energy. Well, what can I say, sir? I am solar powered. Really? You like– you like that one, huh? Oh, thanks so much, Adam.

Terrific. Best interview I’ve ever been a part of in my entire life. Okay, who’s next? You? Ready? Let’s go. Chop-chop. Here we go. Come on, let’s go. Okay. Hoo-hoo! Hoo! Requesting permission to come on board, sir. Hi, Noah Sanders the name. Sorry to hear about your brother. Maybe we could get some Chinese food after this? – – All right. All right. Okay, take it easy. Jeez, settle down, turbo.


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