How to FPV? FASTEST WAY | First Purchase? | (Part 1)


Hey guys and welcome my name is mr. Steele and I’m going to be doing a video series about getting into fpv getting into fpv from what level from 0% literally knowing nothing all the way to a hundred percent which is what we’re gonna call going out and being able to fly a five inch quad with confidence by yourself and not having to have someone there make sure you’re doing it correctly so that is a huge leap from literally knowing nothing all the way to that level now how you would do that there are a lot of different ways and there are a lot of different things that you could do to ultimately get to that goal and there are people out there that will tell you certain pads and certain things to do this is my personal and again my personal opinion on the most accelerated path to go from zero to a hundred percent flying one of these quads adequately and being confident in it this is my personal preference and also the fastest way that I know of and I’ve seen it work I have had multiple friends that come over and I’ve had you know I had a neighbor named Pete live next door to me I had no idea about fpv I told him to do this stuff he was doing rolls on his first flight he was going out ultimately he ended up losing his drone because he didn’t respect the video and didn’t understand how to turn the power up on his video transmitter but he got it back but he you know flew away and lost video and crashed and had to go get it so there is some things that you will have to learn based on just experience you don’t immediately go out fly to the moon but flying was not a problem for him he was completely adequate at flying and now it’s all of that extra knowledge that you will learn over time and through crashes and experience and talking to people all of that stuff takes time but as far as like getting in the air and getting to be adequate and comfortable flying it’s pretty simple and that’s kind of what this video series is going to be about and I’m going to talk about what you need to start with ultimately so that you don’t spend a crazy amount of money until the point that you get into the year again my personal opinion and also something that I’m not being paid to do any of this this is all just because I stumbled across something in the day and I thought it was an interesting topic the fact that fpv was more difficult to get into than I thought it was so let’s go ahead and get right into it what are the things that you need to fly fpv and then what is the thing that I would recommend purchasing first so first of all let’s go ahead and talk about what you need to get into fpv as far as what you need to get into the air now first of all fpv stands for first person view and at the end of the day it’s basically an RC aircraft that you’re flying could be in drone could be if a plane could be the helicopter could be anything but you have a camera attached to it that ultimately makes it first-person view and when we’re talking about first-person view we’re putting a camera on this aircraft and then we’re seeing through either a screen or a set of goggles exactly what that camera is seeing as if we were sitting on the aircraft now it could be sitting behind the cockpit you can be sitting sideways you’d be sitting backwards but you ultimately want to be sitting forwards so you can see where you’re going but you will need a controller or a radio or a transmitter whatever you want to call it this is what you will need to control the aircraft like I said all this is an RC aircraft a remote-controlled aircraft that is flying with another system on it that’s making an fpv the camera system so you need the controller now I’ll talk about what controller you need and which controller I recommend especially people that are conscious about their wallets we’ll talk about that here in a second but obviously you need other things than just the controller I talked about this a few seconds ago we talked about the screens or goggles now these are kind of something that make fpv special because you can go out and buy a drone or a plane and fly it remote control without having these and this is what makes this hobby so much more fun than just flying RC aircraft I do really enjoy flying line-of-sight that means not that pv flying as if I’m just looking at the aircraft without these things but fbb is an extremely popular hobby specifically because it’s as if you’re sitting in the aircraft and these goggles do give you that immersed perception of sitting behind the cockpit a tiny aircraft that you can fly in and out of all kinds of things now you can do that with a screen and that is a cheaper option and I’ll talk about that in a later video but ultimately you just need to know that you have a set of goggles or some kind of screen that gives you the perspective of the aircraft now we will talk about the aircraft now because this is the aircraft in question this is a five inch mini quad alright or an fpv freestyle racing drone all of these names are basically things that have been given to these types of aircrafts there’s a racing drone which is essentially the exact same thing there’s our freestyle tron which is essentially the exact same thing there is a drone which most people know as this drone which is the Phantom now all of these things are basically the same thing they’re all quad copters that means they have four four blades and four motors and four speed controllers and we’ll talk about all of these things later if you want you can check out ethics ltd comm there’s a thing called the fpv bible and it will give you a description and also a lot of do’s and don’ts in this hobby about you know giving acronyms it gives you things to do things to look forward to things that you try that you shouldn’t try things that you’re gonna do that you probably shouldn’t have done all these things are listed in the fpv Bible so you can get and can check that out at ethics ltd comm but again this is your standard freestyle Racing drone drone I’ll go through the quick components here if you’re unfamiliar with any of these acronyms again check out the fpv bible but you need propellers you’ll need motors you’ll need a speed controller which is basically taking this battery and then making it turn the motors you need a flight controller you’ll need a fpv camera you’ll need an fpv transmitting antenna you’ll need an fpv transmitter and if you really want to get crazy and go cool and get some F feet or get some HD footage you’ll need a GoPro strapped to the top there are plenty of other ways to do this aside from the GoPro the GoPro is just the standard for high quality image and fpv drones so again this is pretty much the standard when it comes to fpv a 5 inch mini quad the reason five inches because specifically it’s light enough so that it crashes and doesn’t break but yet it’s robust enough and also powerful enough to carry a GoPro and that’s kind of why it’s the standard but that is your typical fpv freestyle racing drone is a five inch mini quad so now those are the things that you need to fly fpv and like i said this is going to be a video series specifically geared towards getting someone from zero all the way to a hundred percent and that is flying in trone comfortably and the first thing that i can recommend and this is going to be your first purchase you’re not gonna buy the drone you’re not gonna buy the goggles you’re not gonna buy this mod like whatever that’s screen you’re actually gonna buy it the radio and you’re gonna buy the radio alone because it’s the cheapest option and also it’s going to give you the best chance of getting good at fpv quickly now you will need something in conjunction with this radio and that’s going to be a fpv simulator and we’ll talk about those in a future video but first of all your first fpv purchase is going to be a radio and I’m not gonna argue and tell you which radio is best and which radio is the worst and which one you should buy this is the one that I’m gonna say you should buy because it’s the cheapest and it’s also completely compatible from zero knowing nothing all the way up to a hundred percent if you’ve bought this radio for one hundred seven dollars and ninety nine cents which is the one is MSRP retail value is and you hate fpv which I highly doubt you will only be out a hundred bucks and you actually could probably sell this radio for upwards of $80 so you might lose twenty seven dollars okay this is the cheapest option the cheapest route and you ultimately be able to use this all the way through the path so that’s why I’m recommending this radio this radio is actually the fr sky q7 x one hundred and seven dollars and ninety nine cents like I said is the retail value you will need a USB plug that plugs into the bottom and then you will need to purchase you there are free simulators out there but the ones that I’m going to talk about specifically are liftoff and vilasa drawn and those simulators are actually kind of the ones that are the the main standard I guess you would consider them these days and we’ll talk about which ones I prefer and which ones I think feel like the real thing more than others because ultimately they show you kind of the characteristics of flight but some of them feel a little bit more realistic than others and that’s kind of what you want you want it to feel as much as realistic as possible so again first purchase getting into fpv starting at zero knowing nothing about it check out the fpv Bible at ethics ltd comm and get yourself a q7 x if you if you want you can get an x 9d which is the next step of same company fr sky there are millions of radios out there I’m just letting you know that these are the standards if you have questions these are the ones that people are going to be able to answer your questions about I’m not being paid by Fr Sky I’m just telling you this is the one to get I don’t want to make this video too long but you’re gonna get your radio we’re gonna get set up on a sim we’re gonna set it all up we’re gonna make it feel as realistic as possible you’re gonna spin a couple you know maybe a week flying on a simulator and then we’re gonna talk about what you should buy as far as drone parts are concerned ultimately leading towards your goal which is flying one of these things comfortably like I said at the hundred percent mark right now we’re at zero when you get your radio and you get your sim you’re gonna go from zero to probably 50 percent super quickly you’re gonna be super competent in flying it but then you’ll need to know all of the background information all of that stuff all those acronyms all the understanding of the electronics and how to solder and all of that stuff that you’ll need to be able to build your first drone and ultimately fly it and be able to repair it and that’s why I don’t advise buying you’re ready to fly drone because when you crash it it’s already built you don’t know how it was put together if you don’t know anything about electronics you’re gonna be like we unscrew this and then probably not know how to put it back together and waste your money so again this is not the end-all be-all way to get into fpv but this is just the most effective way that I’ve found to go from zero to a hundred percent really quickly and get into the air and feel like you’re competent when you’re in the air so again thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in the next video which will be hooking your simulator up to or radio in flying and getting a feel for some fpv through a virtual reality situation Cheers do they do it

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