How to FPV (Part 4) Do I get a Mini Drone?


all right hey guys welcome back this is how to fpv episode 4 and today we’re gonna talk about actually getting a drone so in the beginning we started out with buying the radio which we bought this q7 X or QX 7 or whatever you want to call the efforts guys $100 radio you bought that then we got set up on a simulator which we got set up on the Lawson drone and I showed you guys some basics on you know what to do on there you know different modes and then we went to talking about spatial awareness and the things that make a better fpv pilot like someone that’s really truly a good pilot versus someone that’s like just a rig and a bridge pilot I guess and it’s just like understanding spatial awareness and also understanding throttle management and then now we’re gonna talk about actually buying something like that we can physically fly in the real world because that’s ultimately what you guys want to do you don’t want to be flying on a simulator the rest of your life and I’m sorry for the delays holidays kind of put me off so we’re back and we’re going to talk about buying something today now so you about the radio is 100 bucks you bought the sim it’s about 20 so you’re in about 120 130 and maybe hundred forty eight dollars depending on where you live and shipping cost and stuff like that so you’re actually not in very bad as far as cost and at the end of the day you are probably gonna spend a little bit of money I would say at the like high end probably around two grand and on the low end probably around five to six hundred dollars for something like like a five inch mini quad depending on your budget and whatnot you can definitely do that as far as charging batteries radio goggles everything you would need props and all that between that price range 502 gram but we’re not gonna actually buy a 5 inch quad yet or you can if you want but this is another option we’re gonna talk about buying something smaller so you can practice with before you actually go out and get something big and intimidating have to build it these I’ll talk about here in a second but this is kind of a cool option for people that want to fly they want to get that fpv experience but they don’t necessarily know if they want to spend all the money the 5 or whatever to two thousand dollars five hundred to two thousand dollars that you would buy that you would spend to buy like a five-inch quad and build it yourself it’s kind of a daunting task I know it was for me in the beginning I just bought it and like you know I was committed immediately and some people are like that some people just commit immediately and they’re like this is what I want to do I know I’m gonna spend the money and I’m did do it and then there are other people that are kind of wishy-washy and they don’t know so this is for someone that possibly wants to buy something and try it without spending a crazy amount of money so let’s go ahead and talk about this guy which is the Navy drone a crew of B and this is actually two acro be light so this is their newest one I think it came out like right before Christmas and this is kind of what most people consider like the smallest end of like performance style drone like this actually flies very similar to a big quad and you can put it in rate mode or acro mode whatever you want to call it and fly it just like you would a real quad and and there’s a lot less on the line like you can pretty much crash this crash thing into anything you can fly it in your house you can hit things with it you can pretty much the only thing it gets stuck in his hair it’ll get stuck in long hair or whatever so that is I’m sure there’s gonna be awesome comments on that just thing that I just said so anyways let’s go ahead and open this thing up and I’ll show you what comes in the box and we’ll talk about it and why I think it’s probably one of the better choices for buying something that is like lower budget but still gives you that kind of feel that you want out of a fpv style drug so we open this up this is how the Box comes this is like their carry case it’s pretty dope it comes with of wid the cave kit that you buy it’s a Kirby light and it actually is $99 I think with every you see here so this is the production model I didn’t have a pre prototype or pre-production model right before I’d been flying in previous videos on the Instagram and whatnot so anyways here it is the production model it’s called a Kirby light and this is actually the fr sky version so will bind directly up to your radio you there’s no need to buy a receiver or anything there are two different ones there’s DSM X which is for spectrum which is a different radio a little more expensive depending if you have the d 6i or something like that then you may already have it and you may want to get the spectrum version but this is the fr sky version that binds directly to the q 7x and the x9 d so you’re good to go on those fronts and just straight up binds and this is a brushed quad so there are little tiny brushless motors here and then there are little tiny three-inch propellers that these are all kind of acro be proprietary things like I think this frame is called the cockroach frame it’s made by a newbie drone and then the props or maybe my new video as well and they have this camera that’s made here and the board itself which is obviously made by Navy drone as well because it’s called the acro be light and then they have their own little product proprietary connector that actually will not allow you to plug the batteries and backwards because that has been a huge problem for them people getting these things and having no experience and being plugging these things in backwards so it will not plug in backwards you can try as hard as you want I’m sure whole Cogan can plug in in backwards for them for most people it’s not going to plug in backwards so yeah this is what you’re talking about you’re talking about 99 bucks it has an fpv camera it has all the things that you would normally do to fly like a drone it says literally a mini drone it comes with two batteries in this kit you obviously can buy more I think they’re fairly cheap the other five dollars a piece and they fly for about two to three minutes pretty awesome so I do want to do another video on goggles because you are going to need goggles or some kind of screen so that you can fly this fpv but that’s gonna be a whole different video and i’ll probably post these videos around the same time so you can kind of get an understanding of you know what you might need to get this thing to fly fpv but the general gist of this video specifically to tell you that there is something like this and this is kind of a step Stone – getting into the FPV thing so you can go to Walmart you can go to Amazon or whatever and you can buy a drone that looks like this and at the end of the day it’s going to come with its own proprietary controller which is going to be a piece of crap because most likely you’re gonna spend thirty to a hundred dollars on a drone and a radio and it’s gonna say maybe fpv or something like that and then you’re going to get it and it’s probably not going to be upgradeable or even comparable to something like this this is a very specialized drone these guys literally do this they make these this is like one of their main products and it’s they’ve refined it a lot like these things have come a long way from the the inductrix the og one which was literally like that $Walmart one but kind of stepped up a little bit hobby grade but yeah so you can bind into that radio you’re you know you’re good to go you can fly it around and the thing is is you’re gonna fly this line-of-sight and you’re gonna be able to fly and have fun flying line-of-sight and you’re also going to be able to upgrade later to when you want to fly fpv and you want to invest in goggles you’re gonna be able to do that as well so that’s really why I’m suggesting this particular drone mainly because it has an fpv camera already on it and it is completely compatible with all of the pro level fpv gear that you’re going to end up buying anyways if you’re going down this rabbit hole so this is an option and I you know this is the at probably a year or two ago I would have said that these don’t fly well enough to MIT to justify buying one of these but these are actually really really high-quality now and they do fly really well I would say it’s probably like if the sim is 85 to 90 percent of a like a big quad this is pretty much like 95 to 98% flying exactly like a big quad the only thing that you don’t have is the inertia and the momentum to worry about you obviously don’t have the I mean you do have the power but it doesn’t feel exactly like a big quad because these are brushed motors and the other ones are brushless so I’ll talk about more of that later when we actually get into building the quad which hopefully will be very soon we’ll be building a five inch quad on a live stream which will be pretty cool but yeah so little guy if you want you can check these out put a link in the description below it comes from newbie drone comm I don’t have any affiliation with them other than they are the warehouse for Ethics Ltd comm they didn’t ask me to do this they just sent me this and said hey you want to try it out and I was like sure whatever no incentive to make a video or anything this is just kind of the cheapest option in my personal book if you’re trying to get into something that is like pro level and also small and gonna keep the cost down if you want to go ahead and jump right into buying fat sharks and buying an X 9d inviting crossfire and buying a 5 inch quad and spending all of that money then be my guest to do that we’ll talk about that in future videos because I think you can physically jump from the sim directly into a fully built 5 inch quad and have it go well for you but for the people that are a little bit like more cautious on the money side and they want to try something physically before they go out and spend a couple hundred dollars on buying a bigger quad and you know building it themselves this is a great place to start so thank you guys for joining me today and I will see you in the next video have a great day and Happy Holidays do they do it

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