How To FPV (Part 5) WHICH FPV GOGGLES 😭 Fat Shark.. WHY?


Ah hey guys what’s up this is episode five of how to fpv we’re going to be talking about goggles we’re talking about super base model like entry-level stuff which is fairly inexpensive then we’re gonna go all the way up to like whatever I use which is a fairly expensive set it was about six seven hundred dollars depending on what you get as far as receiving antennas and batteries and goggle base and we’re talking about Fatshark as a whole that shark is kind of the industry standard as far as goggles are concerned and I’m not gonna talk about too many other brands I have tried like Amway and skyzone and they are decent always a little more geared towards an Asian consumer based on the face shape and then skyzone is also a very good option but I think at the end of the day you’re gonna want to just go ahead and buy a pair of fat sharks but I will give you and when I say fat sharks I mean Dominator HD v2 v3 or HD oh so those are the three that you are gonna probably really like HD 2 3 and H do and I’ll talk about those at the end of the video because there are some differences between the two and I don’t want to spend too much time on it right now first of all let’s go ahead and talk about if you’ve watched the other videos we’ve already bought a radio we’ve already in the last video we got a little drone that we’re talking about flying we’ve been playing on the simulator we pretty much understand what’s going on but we do need to get our video from our drone that we purchased that we’ve been hanging out and flying with to a video receiver because that’s ultimately what we want that’s what makes fpv fpv we want to see what the drone is seeing in real life in real time so this is going to be our first option and this is all analog video by the way so this is not a digital video feed this is actually an analog video feed coming to the drone why do we use analog video well analog video is ultimately a lot of lower latency it’s lower quality video and it’s also the fact that it’s just going to be a quicker and more reliable source where you’re not going to just turn off if you go behind a building or something it’s going to linearly degrade and and then come back but that’s kind of the the good thing about analog videos it’s very predictable to an extent obviously if you go behind a huge building or a mountain or something you’re not going to have video because the video signal does not transmit through the water or through the mountain very well that you’re going behind so you got to take that into mind but analog video is ultimately what we are using and you need to understand the fact that this stuff is it’s you can go five miles away in spine your grandma you’re gonna probably fly close and you will figure it out quickly so anyways this is the first option this is an fpv watch by ji Tang or Boz cam and this is a super cheap option this is just a thirty-two channel two inch screen it was a watch at one time you can see the bands that come off here and yeah you can ultimately buy this for anywhere from 15 to 60 dollars and you can be in the drone radio and a video receiving set up for less than 250 bucks and yeah you can fly around with this all day you can sit here and like put this on the table and fly and you’ll be perfectly fine it’s not gonna be very immersive and as we get into more expensive items you will understand the immersive feel is really what you want and that’s kind of why buying a good set of goggles is extremely important and definitely the most important purchase and the thing that you should spend money on if you’re gonna spend money on any of the three items that being Radio the drone or the goggles the goggles is probably going to be your most important thing to buy or spend money on because you want a high quality set of goggles because that’s really what makes fpv fun is being able to see what the drone sees if you have crabby goggles that doesn’t really help you so let’s go ahead and talk about some other options other than this because this is not really a goggle there’s gonna be a lot of people that come in here a lot of internet warriors they’re like oh I bought a pair of like you know box goggles off banget for 40 bucks okay well this is not for you box goggles are great if you want to go through buying cheap box goggles and wasting your money and be my guests do whatever you want to do I’m telling you the quickest way and I’m going to talk about some products here that I have personally tried and think are good for the price so let’s go into the first one and I was going to say the fat shark recon v2 it’s a $69 $68 ninety-nine cent goggle it is a box goggle the reason I don’t like box goggles for the most part is the fact they’re big bulky boxes with one screen in the back it’s base believe this inside a box scaled up now the bad thing about box goggles is that it’s like sitting in the front row of a movie theater where if you have a goggle set that’s you may may be the field I’ve used a little small and I’ll talk about that later with the HD oh it’s like sitting in the back of a movie theater we’re not trying to make out with our high school sweetheart here we want to actually see what’s going on so we want to sit kind of in the middle of the movie theater so that we can get a good sense of what’s going on we can also understand hey I can actually decipher what that object is rather than being sitting so far away or sitting so close that you’re constantly having to look around either fatiguing your eyes or like squinting to try to figure out what that object is because you’re traveling at a high rate of speed you know when it crashed so you need to understand and be able to process things as quickly as possible and having a good field of view is ultimately gonna help you with that so these are pretty good goggles they work really well for the price they have a built-in receiver for $69 and you can’t go wrong with it I think it would be a good stepping stone goggle you’re not gonna be flying pro level gear with this at the end of the day you’re not gonna you know go you’re gonna progress like this thing these the radio the q 7x or whatever you can take that all the way to the end like 0 to 100 you can go to all the way to 100 with that radio this thing kind of a stepping stone like you don’t need it but it’s fun and it’s something cheap that you can buy and kind of get an experience out of it the same thing with these goggles and now this fpv recon they do have like an introduction drone setup but it comes with a drone the radio and the goggle all-in-one for about $160 yes it’s gonna be cool and it’s gonna work really well with itself but at the end of the day you’re not gonna be able to take the radio that comes with that and go to the from 0 to 100 so I’m trying to save you guys money by helping you buy things that are ultimately gonna have a better resale value if you decide you don’t like FMV and at the end of the day you’re not gonna have to rebuy so if you buy these goggles you’re probably gonna have to rebuy something later the next step up would be like a sky Zone or something like that which is about $329 does have built and receiver built in diversity all this stuff great goggle if you’re on a budget you know skies it’s probably a good option the b-2s yeah you know whatever we’re just gonna go ahead and get into phat sharks because that’s the industry standard and when I talk about phat sharks they have a very confusing system they have the blue and white goggles which are called the dominators and they have a v1 v2 and v3 stay away the VIII’s because they’re 16 by 9 aspect ratio you want a 4 by 3 every other fish or goggle is a four by three aspect ratio which is basically this instead of widescreen you wanted this because the square frame because that’s what our drones are transmitting and that’s what our video is actually in is the four by three aspect ratio rather than a sixteen by nine and then so then they had the next step up which is the Dominator HD one two three and HD OS and for like time reference we’re talking about basically the three goggles that you’re going to be able to purchase new are probably the HD twos which are now in a terminator version which is the only black fat shark Dominator goggle it has like reflective things on it has red on it’s got the Terminator Edition if you can find it that’s the HD two as a fifty degree field of view and I’ll that’ll make sense later in a second when I talk about the others goggles out I’m gonna talk about then you have the HD three which is kind of a newer goggle has a little bit smaller of a feel of you but more forgiving optics so some of the HD 2’s had like blurry edges like that HD three the little more forgiving probably the best all-around goggle for the price and then the HD oh.well HD three has a forty six thirty field of view if I didn’t say that then the HD o is a newer goggle their newest goggle that is essentially the same thing as the HD two and three except it has an LED screen what the O LED screen does is it bumps the contrast a little bit so a more high-quality screen but at the same time it down sizes the size of the field of view so you go from fifty to forty six on the v3 down to about thirty nine on the HD oh so what does this mean well field of view when you’re talking about from 39 to 46 to 50 doesn’t sound like a lot but it can be a lot if you’re used to 50 and you drop down to 39 it can be a big deal and I personally still prefer the HD 2s since I’ve been flying them since early 2015 that is my very like my favorite goggle and I love the Sun the field of view and I can’t sacrifice the field of view for the better quality image on the actual HD oh so I have a pair of HD O’s and I have a pair of HD 3s and I prefer the HD twos personally now I think for a new pilot you’re probably not going to be able to tell difference and if you have the money I would go ahead and buy the HT Oh is there raved upon by the racers in the community and also by a lot of freestyle pilots anyone that can afford it they’re probably going to get HD OS and then HD threes is a great option as well because that’s like basically an upgraded version of the HD 2 because it’s a little more forgiving optics it fits people’s faces a little bit better they don’t have to have their eyeballs in this perfect position to get the image to be perfect so the HD 3 is kind of like the safe budget and it’s also their 399 to buy the core which I’ll talk about in a second because with some of those other goggles that we talked about earlier they come with a built in receiver fat sharks especially the Dominator series does not so let me talk about what defines Dominator series from any other fat shark so there are other series of fat sharks there are predators there are attitude fat sharks if I sharks super-complicated but for example Dominator as a whole so Dominator 1 2 & 3 & HD Dominator 1 2 3 and HD oh all of them basically have two things that identify them from other fat sharks and that is that they have built-in DVR which is digital video recording why you need digital video recording basically what it’s doing is it going to record the did the digital like video that comes in the analog video that’s coming in and it’s going to like store it in a memory card in the goggle itself why do you need that well at the end of the day if you crash you don’t know where you went down you can replay the video and you can ultimately find a place where like an identifying factor or something like that identifying landmark so you can say hey I’m there let’s look around here instead of aimlessly looking in the woods because you just video went black and you crashed so DVR is extremely important to highly recommend it and that’s why I’m recommending buying HD or a Dominator series goggles now the next thing that identifies the Dominator series goggles is the fact that has a modular receiver base so you can not only run different frequencies but you can have different receivers from different companies so there are about 4 main companies out there that make receivers these days that people are psyched on and that is the immersion RC rapid-fire which is what I currently have it’s really good I recommend it but it is $150 so just keep that in mind then you have 2 Furious which is about a hundred dollars and they’re all these are diversity receivers which you don’t need diversity but I’m just going to go over them really quickly then you have Clearview which is an expensive module as well I think about 200 bucks and then you have Anila fort which is a great module I use that for a long time as well but the diversity is a little different on the forage it has the diversity module over here so you have one on each side instead of both antennas being right here now for a new pilot you don’t need diversity you can get away with like an immersion or a TBS single or single receiver with no LCD screen you can save yourself a hundred bucks you’re probably going to be completely fine now the one thing that you do want to stress on as far as what you get to make the receiver high quality not necessarily a receiver itself but you want to spend some money on some antennas now you don’t have to spend a lot of money on in tennis but you don’t want to get the crappiest handmade antennas out there something that your buddy maintenance garage now maybe your buddies Alec screams I don’t know these are bas antennas okay these are made by I be crazy or video aerial systems this is called the mad mushroom this is my preferred antenna I’ve been playing this antenna for four and a half years I am not sponsored by these guys Alex graves is a great dude and you know I really support his products I just like his stuff and this guy this receiving antenna has been the best receiving antenna that I’ve ever used now this is an omnidirectional you pretty much need to just need to get an omnidirectional and a single receiving or a single antenna receiver and you’ll be completely fine if you want to go to the diversity route I can do a video on that later but you basically have a long-range antenna which is a directional antenna think of a pie slice you know it goes out gets a little wider at the end and you can go far in one direction versus an omnidirectional antenna you can basically have coverage all around you but it’s not as far as the pie slice in that one direction so there’s kind of the differences between the omnidirectional and the directional antenna so basically you need goggles you need a receiver and you need an antenna I would recommend an acci or a TBS triumph or something like that for receiving antenna and then yeah ultimately you’re not going to spend that much money and you’re gonna have a good setup now the only other thing that you really need when you buy fat sharks is a battery this is a thunder power two thousand milliamp two s it’s a great battery you know it comes with a battery you can use the one that comes with it whatever this is just the one I have I know people are gonna ask and if you want to buy a strap you know whatever we have the ethics straps but and then if you want to have audio you know there’s a lot you can put on fat sharks and it can rack up the price but at the end of the day with a single receiving antenna and a single receiver and just a pair of like HD 3’s you’re probably looking at around 500 bucks and you’re gonna be happy and you’ll probably you will definitely be able to use those goggles your entire fpv experience regardless of what aircraft you’re flying because these unlike people think it’s like oh I gotta have different goggles or different drones no you buy this set of goggles and you buy that radio and use those two things from zero to 100 you never change these are the goggles that I’ve had for the last three and a half years and I’ve had this radio in the same exact style radio not this exact review because I’ve changed since my steel edition came out and then before that I had another one that I had modified and I had a trained us before that but I basically had the exact same radio and goggles for literally since the day I started flying which was you know 2014 in July or something like that so I’ve been flying this stuff forever and it’s the best of the best so I hope you guys enjoyed this video please leave any comments or questions and I’ll try to get to them and I’ll see you in the next video which I don’t even know what it’s gonna be about but I’m sure it’s going to be intellectually intriguing and extremely fun to watch me rant and talk about things that I have personal opinions on because we are talking about getting into fpv in the most economical way by not wasting money we’re talking about getting into it by using our money wisely and buying things that are quality so that we can ultimately have a good experience when we’re flying fpv because a bad experience in fpv ultimately gets to us getting bored and not flying fpv so I hope you guys have a good one and peace

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